Munstrum Ridcully


The current Archchancellor of Unseen University is Munstrum Ridcully. The Archchancellor is considered the leader of all wizards on the Disc (by those at the UU), the first among equals (i.e. the other eighth-level wizards). There are a total of eight eighth-level wizards, and the number becomes progressively higher as the level decreases. It is common to ascend through the ranks by assassinating superiors. Unlike his predecessors, Ridcully seems to have had a very successful and, above all, injury-free career as Archchancellor. He finally put a halt to the traditional method of promotion simply by being indestructible. This is related to his habit of springing up behind would-be assassins, shouting loudly at them and banging their head repeatedly in the door. He also loves sport and hunting, owns several crossbows and is much given to using the corridors of Unseen University as a shooting range

Since wizards’ favourite sports traditionally are things like Competitive Eating and Extreme Napping other wizards find him very tiring to be around. He is not stupid but finds it very difficult to deal with unexpected information, and generally ignores it until it goes away or becomes someone else’s problem. He holds the view that if someone is still trying to explain something to him after about two minutes, it must be worth listening to, and if they give up earlier, it was not worth bothering him with in the first place.

He is also quite fond of the Librarian, having said when comparing him to other faculty “… he’s the only one of you buggers who’s awake more’n an hour a day”. He also gets along with Watch Commander Samual Vimes, despite the latter’s legendary dislike of magic, as both of them share the belief that the most important thing about magic is knowing when not to use it.


Munstrum Ridcully

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