One could say our story starts on a still, cloudless winter night in Uberwald. Of course, all stories truly begin at beginning of the universe, but telling the story from that point would be impractical and time-consuming. So let us say this story starts with a chapter which opens on a still, cloudless winter night in Uberwald, and a woman pacing in front of the fire in the front room. Her husband, useless as ever, dozes on a rug in front of it. 

Several large shapes lounge, skulk, and crouch in the shadows. It's best not to try to study these shapes too deeply to discern what they are. Best for one's sanity, anyway. The woman seems to be berating them.

"And you still haven't managed to gain access to the building. I find that infathonable." She stops, gazes around the room with a withering stare. "Look at yourselves. Who could stand in your way, should you choose to enter?"

There is a low growl and small bark from a corner. 

"Her!" the woman all but spits. "But there is only one of her."

Another growl answers.

"Yes, of course, and the guardian of the place. But surely he is no match for more than one of you."

A deep whine.

"Well, Frederick was next to useless anyway." She continues her pacing. "Fine. We will continue. Continue the surveillance, and wait for an opportunity. He has to leave that place at some point." She spins on her heal and growls at them. "And you will be ready!"

The Uberwald Incident

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