Harry King


Also known as Piss Harry and King of the Golden River, Harry King is a businessman in Ankh-Morpork. He places buckets in a number of establishments and charges the owners a quite reasonable fee to remove them once full. Harry then sells the contents, including saltpetre and ammonia, to alchemists and farmers. What can’t be sold to these people can always be used to create compost, which can then be sold. Harry also collects rubbish for composting. People pay him to take away unwanted material, and then he can sell the material for more money.

Harry is a large pink-faced man who is often seen smoking a big cigar. He employs quite a lot of staff: witness the long lines staffing the conveyor belt looking out for specific types of recyclables, including trolls, golems, goblins, and gnolls. The gates of Harry’s yard used to carry the slogan “H. King – taking the piss since 1961” but on the insistence of his wife he changed the latter part to “recycling nature’s bounty”.

Harry is quite illiterate, but he has the business sense to hire clerks who can and will honestly do his paperwork for him, and trolls who are able to reason with people who are “taking the piss” in and entirely different context. Ever since earliest childhood, Harry has had a pretty direct way with those who want to cheat him.

Harry is happily, devotedly married to he childhood sweetheart, Euphemia “Effie”, whith who Harry has several daughters, and tries to lavish luxury on them in compensation for the perpetual bad smell around him. In addition to the honey-wagons, carts and horsedrawn drays, Sir Harry also runs a fleet of riverbarges to patrol the Ankh for likely-looking waste, before it dissolves or alchemically transmutes, as well as being the owner of the Disc’s only railroad.


Harry King

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